Project Maps

As part of our research and data analysis, we’ve created several maps that help us frame the drinking water source assessments for the various municipal intakes on the Molalla River.

The source areas on the map that are outlined in order to help us think about prioritizing issues and their potential impacts to drinking water by community. There are three source water areas called out on the map.

One thing to remember is that City of Canby’s intake receives water from all three source areas, City of Molalla’s intake and the Community of Colton’s intake only receive water from their discreet delineated areas.

Response time to potential issues becomes more critical as you move closer to the intake locations. You’ll see this concept reflected in the 8-hour travel time areas shown on the maps for both the Canby and Molalla intakes. This is the estimated area from where a raindrop would take 8 hours or less to travel from the raindrop location to the intake.

Understanding that the impact of some issues may worsen depending on their proximity to the intakes makes this 8-hour travel time concept a useful tool for prioritization.

Maps are show below with related information if applicable.

Canby and Molalla 8-hour Travel Time Maps

Precipitation Map

Land Ownership Map

Land Cover Map

Soil Unit Map

Soil Hydrologic Group Map

Soil Erodibility (K-factor) Map

Ecoregions Map

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